Editing & Proofreading Service

Editing & Proofreading Services

Fast, accurate, and a passion for helping you find the perfect word, sentence, and paragraph to help communicate your ideas.

Just about any medium that requires the written word – we’ll make you sound clear and concise.

  • English Second Language – sound like a native
  • For Authors – novel, play, manuscript, e-book
  • Personal – letter, email, resume, document, journal
  • Business – report, communication, manual, marketing, other
  • Online – product listing, webpage, autoresponder, marketing, blog, survey
  • Educational – term paper, dissertation, scholarship, essay, journal


Basic Features:

  • Check for grammar, punctuation, spelling and overall correctness
  • Editorial review for consistency, syntax and tone
  • Correct formatting and styling (APA, MLA or Chicago)
  • Offer that final touch: readying your document for print or publication

Advanced Features also include:

  • Take into account your original assignment or professor’s comments
  • Line edit and give suggested rewrites to eliminate awkward phrasing, repetition, passive voice, etc.


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